On the path of Divine Sapience

On the path of Divine Sapience

About Viviane


My spiritual, mystical journey in this life really began when I met the spiritual master Hno. Rodolfo Rios Medina in Geneva, in 1992, and I began practicing meditation (without mantras, chants, rituals, nor methods), as a natural, simple, transparent practice... with his spiritual, mystical teachings.


A few years before, just before going on a holiday, I had been sitting in front of the television set, in the company of my family, I was feeling tense and anguished as my father had been opposed to me leaving on my own, when suddenly a thought resonated from the depths of my being: "TRUST", and a huge feeling of peace instantly traversed me inexplicably, and left me completely serene. Afterwards, I did not think about the inner experience, but it awakened in me an interest in spiritual life.


After meeting Rodolfo, and getting to know him little by little, I went through the most stable stage of my external life, we fell in love, with the deep desire to have a child, and this came to fruitition with the birth of Steven; I was happy bringing him up, leading a rather conventional family life.


In the year 2006, I began having health issues, whilst working sporadically and at the same time translating my husband's first book, and as a consequence, I was unable to continue the professional activity I had; I went through this ordeal aided by the fact that I always had a preference for the quiet life, and reflection...
...and until now I've been blessed to have what I need to live in a modest manner. The loss of my job, although a preoccupation, gave more time to meditate, and the opportunity to reconsider my whole life, and to think about why I was on Earth, what for, where I was going.


Some time after, during a deep meditation, beings of light asked me, by telepathy, in an impressive way, without me perceiving any judgement from them, what I was doing to help others; this led me to begin reflecting, and to gradually experiment various ways of helping in a cost free manner, in ways that I found pleasing, and in this process, discovering, developing spiritual faculties, gifts.


As I'd had an interest in dreams for years, the first way I help people was through organising free dreams workshops, in a rather informal way, but which had quite a success. After some time doing this, when meditating, it was revealed to me as an inner teaching......

... that dreams are a circle, and that thinking that one could arrive at a perfect comprehension of dreams is an illusion, as dreams remain relative, a faculty that helps to a certain extent, but does not have the power for something else... so then, I began inviting people to teach them the way I meditated, and meditated with them, my husband being away for a few months in Peru each year.


In 2010, we decided to take our son for a sabbatical year to the ashram of Peru, and I ended up living there for a few years...


Whilst meditating, and through a few glimpses of life beyond (relaxing, letting go with trust, becoming conscious at the beginning of meditation of the divine spark in the center of the head)... I became conscious that gradually, if the programme of life and divine laws are favourable, ego mind intellect will be absorbed for an instant by the divine Consciousness, the spiral of evolution, transported beyond duality, helped by beings of light, by the inner master,  the divine spark, and will come back in this tridimensional world, with gifts, powers, renewed, transformed, transmuted into ego mind conscience. 


Viviane Rose Medina


Viviane meditating in the ashram of Peru, in 2018



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