Meditation & spiritual self realisation

Meditation & spiritual self realisation

Viviane's mystical quotes


I hope you like these quotes emanating from the depths of my soul,
of my spirit:

Without meditation does not await divine meditation




We do not know the measure
The best way to measure is silence

Silence is the gold fire



The life of God begins with God



Speak rather with your heart rather than your eyes



Be Love; saturate yourself with Love



Separated, man does not know



How God shows his love through nature



The void is the house of God



Within oneself, one is perhaps going to meet one's fear



Switching off personality for a moment



A multitude of positive thoughts awaken me




It is not because one thinks what one says, that one is what one says



love does not affect Love



There is no fertile ground,
The only seed to cultivate, is the one up there



The faculty of dreams does not have the power of something else...



If one spends time with someone, one should love them



Hurry moderately...



Morning serves intuition...



Before, people placed themselves below planets
In between, people went hand in hand with planets
Now, people place themselves above planets




When individual will and divine will are aligned




Underestimating, that is the violence of ignorance...




The indigent protects himself with supernatural faculties




One should feed the soul with love




Customising mysticism with needs...

Should I, or should I not know the difference?




Becoming a historian when nothing changes 




It's harder to judge... 



Breath was sanctified, and sanctified is healing



Obsolete rather than dead letter




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